CindyCindy Sutton
Hey my name is Cindy. I love working with children and swimming is my passion. I have been working with children since 2008 and started teaching AQUATOTS in 2011. Seeing how the children grow and develop their swimming skills brings me happiness and I always bring a 100% in the pool. I am always calm and very talkative in the pool witch make the children relaxed. Having fun and learning is the only way to go.

ShanleighShanleigh Anne Brough
I will begin by saying I am a water baby of note and passionate about people. I am a very busy lady. I am currently studying my B.Ed degree majoring in economical management sciences. I am a teacher in every sense of the word. Kind, caring, compassionate, patient, driven, motivated and skilled. My whole life revolves around teaching and changing the lives of children. I am a grade 7 teacher at Alpha& Omega Christian academy and a grade 1 & 2 Sunday school teacher at Alberton Methodist church and for my peace and relaxation I am a AQUATOTS instructor and have been since 2010. The water is so stimulating and enjoyable and perfect place for bonding with people. I look forward to enriching your and little ones swimming experience and to build long life friendships.

Marinda Linde – Owner


MarindaMarinda Linde Reg. Biokineticist
Hi I am the owner of Hydrokinetics since 1997. Specializing in Hydrotherapy and spending my days in the pool. Received my Hydrotherapy training in Switzerland, providing Hydrotherapy courses for Biokinetic students & Reg. Biokineticist, International speaker on Hydrotherapy and serve as Hydrotherapy consultant for AQUATOTS and use AQUATOTS applied for special needs kids. The water is my life and I believe that it’s were God wanted me to be. I hope to enrich your life for a better future.